Creative Idee is an interior design company based in Malaysia with years of experience in home and office interior design, renovation, marketing, IT infrastructure and smart home setup. We provide complete solutions under one roof to ensure we meet all your requirements and expectations.
Our Services
  • Interior Design – We make every design distinctive and uniquely you.
  • Renovation – We provide quality and durable materials.
  • Rental Space Marketing – Help rent out your place easier by providing marketing materials.
  • IT Solutions – Provide Internet Cabling, Server and Smart Home setup.
Not sure what to do with your Commercial or Residential space?
We are here to help.
Let us inspire you with our design proposals or if you have a dream that you would like to execute, we will ensure it comes to life in the best possible way imagined.
Planning and sourcing for the right items at the right price can be a tedious and time consuming process.
Let us take care of it.
Leave the heavy lifting to our team. We will ensure that the items picked follows your requirements while ensuring all the items go well together in terms of design, shape, colour and size.

Why Choose Us?


We strive to provide the best prices without sacrificing on quality.

Smart Home Integration

We implement new and smart technologies to improve your living standards as well as convenience.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide design, marketing and IT services to ensure your dream home/office is done up to your expectations.

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